Lilongwe, Malawi.


Drones that nurture.



Who Are

MamaBird is an emerging Drone Logistics company delivering lifesaving
supplies to the last mile with a special focus on Maternal and Newborn health.
Our Vision is to use the transformative power of technology to bridge the
gap for less privileged communities in accessing quality health care.

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The Problem

One billion people live all or part of the year without access to all-season roads. Healthcare providers and disaster relief responders depend on costly, slow, and unreliable
transportation by motorcycles, cars, and trucks to serve remote communities.

What Our Drones Do

Our special purpose drones are taking health care to the last mile, to those who live on the fringes of society and
often need the most care but suffer in Silence. Custom made cost effective solutions geared to solve logistics bottlenecks in getting healthcare to vulnerable communities.

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What We Believe

At our core we believe in the transformative power that emerging technologies like drones can provide in previously unreachable areas. Every village, no matter how remote should have access to the most basic level of care so that one day the mothers and children that receive aid no longer require it. We believe including women as part of the process is a key to the success of drone logistics.